Road Runner GO 2023.1 Released

Posted on: Wed, Jul 26 2023

Introducing Road Runner Go 2023.1: A Groundbreaking Update in Waste Management Industry Software. Road Runner Go has always been a leading innovator in the waste management industry, providing robust dumpster management solutions. However, our new 2023.1 update takes the product even further, delivering pivotal new features that will revolutionize our customers' workflows. Integration with ChatGPT AI: This breakthrough feature allows users to interact with their jobs and dumpsters like never before. It facilitates smoother operations, ensures precision and eliminates potential miscommunication. New Job Types:With an eye on expansion and versatility, Road Runner GO 2023.1 introduces new job types that extend our reach into other industries, most notably field service. This presents our users with opportunities to break new ground and explore untouched markets. Enhanced Dump Reports: Our already comprehensive dump reports have been further augmented. The additional fields now include data like city, which was heavily requested by our user base. This refined level of detail will give users deeper insights and will allow them to make more informed decisions, faster than ever before.


Our mission at Road Runner is to empower businesses in the waste management industry to reach their full potential. We believe that our advanced tools and features in Road Runner Go 2023.1, together with our commitment to customer success, bring us one step closer to achieving that mission. The 2023.1 update is a testament to our dedication to innovation, growth, and most importantly, our customers. Current users of Road Runner are encouraged to use the new version as part of their current subscription plan. Updated mobile versions will follow. Feel free to contact us for any support.



Features Include


  • AI Built in to Road Runner GO
  • New Job Type Capability
  • Enhanced Dump Reports

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