Road Runner 2019.1 Released with IOS support

Posted on: Thu, Mar 14 2019

Cave Creek Software is excited to announce our latest release of Road Runner (version 2019.1.1.105) along with new mobile releases for Android and IOS. This is a major general release for the year with the new IOS platform being supported along with newer versions of the Android operating system.


Current customers will be notified on how to get the latest release. Please feel free to contact us for any additional details.



Features Include


  • IOS Support
  • Support for latest Android platform
  • Dumpster Management Enhancements to help manage containers on both the desktop and mobile versions of Road Runner
  • Stylized Changes for Mobile Notes
  • Jobs and Mobile Attachments
  • Customers can now search by authorization numbers for invoices and jobs
  • New revised system configuration options and settings
  • Improved messaging support for mobile and desktop versions of Road Runner
  • Traceability on the mobile application for data creation and core changes
  • Mobile enhancements to prevent keyboard "auto correct" from overriding text entries
  • Route Optimization Enhancements
  • All new mobile dispatch board