Making a list and checking it twice

This the season to start holiday shopping, getting ready for those holiday office events and planning for next year. We have all seen the checklists that kids use to generate their wish list for the holidays. In the spirit of this month we wanted to show off some of the check list features in Road Runner! ...

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Bulk Editing

Bulk editors are a terrific way update key data items like dumpsters using a spreadsheet like application. This often-overlooked feature saves you time from going to individual forms, editing, saving and repeating. With “bulk editing” you can edit cells and rows quickly. ...

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Route Optimization

Route optimization is a new feature added to the latest release (build 68) of Road Runner for both field service and dumpster management users. You may have seen route optimization in other products, but not like ours. We give you the ability to break your routes into “chunks” based on your business....

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Your place or ours?

One the great differentiators Cave Creek Software provides is the freedom to choose where you host your data. By default, customers can take advantage of our manager cloud service. For most of our customers this is all they need – they are up and running in the blink of an eye. ...

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Map those Assets

While maps have always played a key role in Road Runners scheduling capabilities, how often have you though “wouldn’t it be great if I could add my own marker to the map”? Well now you can with Assets. Assets allow you to add suppliers, yard sites, even favorite restaurants to the maps. ...

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Personal Productivity with To-Do Lists

The latest version of Road Runner now allows you to create personal to-do lists! What’s cool about the to-do list is that items you create are viewable only by you. The only exception is if you create a to-do item and assign it to another person on your team, then both you and the assigned person will see the to-do item. Us...

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Road Runner 2017.1 Relased

Cave Creek Software is excited to release our latest version of Road Runner (2017.1.0.56) along with a new mobile Android release (2017.1.11). ...

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