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Cave Creek Software provides free technical support for active subscribers to our products. To ensure a fast response from a representative please use our support email, We will get back to you as a priority. To help us answer your questions quickly please include:

  • Contact information
  • Problem Description
  • Screen Captures (if possible)
  • Version and name of product.

We look forward to working with you and your company to make your business a success!

5 Steps to Success

We realize that you probably already have a system or process in place that you are using to manage your business. Changing to a new process or product takes time and planning, as a result, we offer all of our customers the following consultation when getting started:

Step 1   Demonstration
Request a demo from our product page. A knowledgeable rep will work with you to understand your needs and then explain how Road Runner can fit your business (or not). This is a no sales pressure demo to help you explore the capabilities of Road Runner and ask questions.
Step 2   Overview Training
Once you purchase Road Runner you will be given an account for your business as well as access to a demo database. This is a good time to just play with the demo system and get your users introduced to the product. Raise “what if” and “how could I” questions in this phase. Review the user guides and just play with the system. During this informal training we will also have a representative discuss your current business work processes.
Step 3   Data Transfer
We know you are most likely using a system today and need support to transfer data. After exploring the product for a little bit of time, we will work closely with you to understand your data transfer needs and help you transfer data from your prior system to Road Runner.
Step 4   Detailed Training
Once your users have explored Road Runner on their own and generated a list of possible questions, we will provide a more formal training to you and your users. This can be remote or on premise and will be tailored to your business based on current workflows and business needs. Once the training has been completed we remain committed to your success and will be there to answer any questions you might have.
Step 5   Customization
While the majority of our customers can use the product as is, we do have a Plug-In engine that allows us to make customized forms, workflows and reports for your business without abandoning you on an island that blocks future updates. We are unique here. We know from experience there are times when the workflows need some minor changes and we can make it happen fast and efficiently.

Our products are built for the cloud, but also can be self-hosted. We want you to be happy with our product so you can cancel your purchase at any time with no hassles! No yearly contracts!

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