Scheduling and Job Management Software for your Container, Porta Potty or Dumpster Buisness

Route Management Software for Dumpster Management

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Use our container manager to view the status and location of your container on our map board. Job status changes in the field with our mobile application updates the container status in real time. You can easily bulk import and export containers from and to a spreadsheet. Road Runner even tracks the container history! You can customize the maps to include yard sites, suppliers and even dump sites with the capability of adding your own fields. Our Android and IOS applications allow your drivers to drop off, pick-up or swap containers while visiting each job location. Messages can be sent from the office to the mobile devices and vice versa using our two-way mobile communication. Your drivers’ route is also displayed in maps right on their mobile phone. Your office can also enable live real time tracking of your drivers using their mobile devices with the Road Runner mobile application, saving hardware costs for similar dedicated devices. Easily drag and drop jobs to reassign them. Use our route builder to ensure pick-ups and drop offs are coordinates to help reduce sites back and forth to yard sites, maximizing your drivers time. Use Road Runner to set email notifications to your customers, using your own custom templates. If you have dual monitors, you can even display the maps in full screen on one monitor and our dispatch board on the other. Road Runner allows you to reduce clutter by filtering the map view and dispatch board to focus on certain container sizes or even locations.

Affordable pricing | 10 User licenses | Unlimited containers


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Affordable pricing | 10 User licenses | Unlimited containers


Road Runner is our platform built for service industries like yours. All of our modules have capabilities like:
  • Dumpster and Container Management
  • Pick Up, Drop off and Swap job types
  • QuickBooks Integration or Standalone Invoicing
  • Calendar, Map View and Dispatch Board
  • Day View, Week View and Month View of your Jobs
  • Track your job leads in real time using mobile or fleet tracking
  • Place jobs on hold
  • Customize colors, fields and other settings
  • View dumpsters and containers on the map
  • Message one or all of your drivers in the field
  • Attach comments and photos to jobs
  • Timesheets allow you to track actual time on a job
  • Jobs can span multiple days
  • Communicate directly to smart phones and tablets
  • Geo-fence jobs
  • View dump sites and yard sites on the map
  • Real time driver tracking with the Road Runner mobile app
  • Display job routes with the "Route Builder" in the dispatch board
  • E-mail the job to the assigned technician with a single click
  • Personal To-Do Lists
  • Drag and drop scheduling of jobs
  • Use analytics to track job times against estimates
  • Financial Reports
  • Plug-In Engine that can be used to expand the capabilities of Road Runner to meet your business needs


Road Runner is sold at a cost-effective monthly price that includes our mobile application and 10 licenses. Free updates and technical support included. Road Runner is hosted on our cloud platform, allowing to you access Road Runner on the go. We also have options to host on your own dedicated private network.