Route Management Software for Dumpster Management Waste Management Software for companies of any size needing scheduling, dispatching, routes and container management capabilities.

Road Runner GO has affordable pricing options to meet different business needs which includes mobile applications for IOS and Android devices.

With our Road Runner GO dumpster management software you can assign jobs, optimize routes, track the locations of your containers, and see which ones need your service or attention.

We provide free training videos on how to configure it, set up jobs, how to use maps, and how to optimize routes. We also offer 24-hour support free of charge and will answer any questions you may have even for demo users.

Route Management Software for Dumpster Management

Road Runner GO goes beyond just assets you drop off. You can also schedule and track job progress, key locations like dump sites, yard sites and customer history. Our aging report lets you quickly see what dumpsters are past due.

Key Road Runner GO Features
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Jobs and Scheduling help you manage your capacity and allows for driver mobility.

Dumpster Management tracks your containers location and status.

Routes help you set up recurring jobs for waste pickup or services.

Invoices and payments help you track past dues and revenue.
Free Demo of Road Runner GO.
Free Demo

We offer a free demo of Road Runner GO with no commitments or credit cards required.

Road Runner GO includes:
  • Dumpster and Container Management
  • Pick Up, Drop Off and Swap job types
  • Map View and Dispatch Board
  • Day View, Week View and Month View of your Jobs
  • View dumpsters and containers on the map
  • Communicate directly to smart phones and tablets
  • Unlimited jobs, containers, assets, and other data
  • Invoices and Payments
  • View dump sites and yard sites on the map
  • Drag and drop scheduling of jobs
  • Past due asset tracking
  • Reports for Billing, Schedules and Operations
  • Routes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Road Runner GO pricing options are there?

Road Runner GO is sold at a cost-effective monthly price which includes our mobile application, multiple licenses, jobs, dumpster management and scheduling, We have different pricing levels for additional features like invoicing and billing allowing you to select a plan that best meets your business needs. Free updates and technical support are included with all of our pricing options.

I want to sign up for Road Runner GO or have additional questions. Who can I contact for information or support?

Please contact us.  A customer support representative will help you through the signup process or any questions you might have on Road Runner GO and how it can help your specific business.