Route Management Software for Dumpster ManagementTrack the drop off locations of your dumpsters, and porta potties with Google Maps. Easily schedule drop off, service and pickup jobs. In the office or the field, your team can track of your key assets: where they are and when they need to be serviced and returned.

Route Management Software for Dumpster Management

Road Runner GO goes beyond just assets you drop off. You can also schedule and track job progress, key locations like dump sites, yard sites and customer history. Our aging report lets you quickly see what dumpsters are past due.

Route Management Software for Dumpster Management

Road Runner GO is a simple streamlined application that you can download today to with our demo account – no credit card or sign up required. Once you decide to use Road Runner GO for your business you can sign up in our desktop application. If you have any purchasing or technical questions our support team is ready and free of charge.

Customers interested in Road Runner GO can download and try Road Runner GO for free using our demo account. See our frequently asked questions below.
$49.99 / month | 10 User licenses | Unlimited data
Download and try Road Runner GO today using our demo company. No signup form or credit card required.
Credentials for the demo account are: UserID: Demo, Password: Demo and Company: Demo


The Windows desktop version allows you to sign up for Road Runner GO.

Key Features of Road Runner GO include:
  • Dumpster and Container Management
  • Pick Up, Drop off and Swap job types
  • Map View and Dispatch Board
  • Day View, Week View and Month View of your Jobs
  • View dumpsters and containers on the map
  • Communicate directly to smart phones and tablets
  • Unlimited jobs, containers, assets, and other data
  • View dump sites and yard sites on the map
  • Drag and drop scheduling of jobs
  • Past due asset tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Road Runner GO Cost?

Road Runner GO is sold at a cost-effective monthly price of $49.99 that includes our mobile application and 10 licenses. Free updates and technical support included. Road Runner GO is hosted on our cloud platform, allowing to you access Road Runner on the GO.

I have more than 10 drivers, how much does each additional license cost?

Each additional license cost $9.99. This gives you access to the both the desktop and mobile applications.

Can I try Road Runner GO before subscribing to a monthly license?

Yes - you can download Road Runner GO using the buttons above and try our demo system before making a decision to purchase. Our demo system credentials are User: Demo Password:Demo Company:Demo
Note this is a demo system and can be reset at any time.

How do I know the downloads are safe from malware?

Android and IOS applications have to follow strict guidelines before being published to the applications stores. Our Windows application is signed by Cave Creek Software through a certification authority to prove its authenticity. All applications go through a throurough AV scan and are downloaded on our own business machines prior to being published.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment to Road Runner GO

No. You pay on a monthly basis in advanced. For example 3 months. You can pick the number of months.

I want to sign up for Road Runner GO. What do I need to do?

Using the demo system, you can sign up for a subscription through PayPal. We will create a new database just for your company to start using Road Runner GO.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. Technical support is free through email. All of our support specialist are located in the U.S.A.

I really want a demo (or to talk to someone) before I purchase. Can I contact you?

We tried to make Road Runner GO streamlined and easy to install and use right away without the need of a "sales" call. However we recognize there will be cases where you want to discuss Road Runner GO before making a business decision. Please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you.