Road Runner GO takes dumpster management to a new level, effectively tracking the status, location, and open jobs associated with your dumpsters - be it roll-off dumpsters, porta potties, or general trash bins.

Dumpster Management

Leveraging our unique Dumpster Bulk Editor, you can swiftly build and manage your dumpster inventory. This unique feature, resembling a spreadsheet format, allows you to assign an initial status and yard site location swiftly and seamlessly.

Dumpster Bulk Editor

Our intelligent system streamlines the process further with job types like Drop Off, Pick Up, and Swap. Once a job is marked as "Completed" in our mobile or desktop application, our system automatically changes the dumpster status to "In Use" at the customer site. To cater to unpredictable situations, our flexible system allows drivers to swap dumpsters when actual job requirements diverge from the initial plan.

Dumpster Bulk Editor

Road Runner GO also brings you built-in reporting capabilities that track the duration a dumpster stays at a site. This ensures that your dumpsters are always accounted for and prevents them from being "lost" at job sites for protracted periods.

Experience smart, efficient dumpster management enriched with real-time tracking and seamless inventory control, all at your fingertips with Road Runner GO.

Dumpster Management Features Include:
  • View containers on a map view
  • Completing jobs automaticallys sets dumpster status
  • Mobile applications can change out dumpsters at the site
  • Bulk editing to quickly get setup
  • No limit to the number of dumpsters
  • Dumpster properties
  • Drop off and Pick Up dates
  • Customer history
  • Driver reports
  • Yard and Dump Sites
  • View jobs linked to a dumpster
  • Administratrors can override dumpster settings
  • Days at site reprot