Road Runner GO can track your dumpsters status, location and open jobs using our dumpster management system. This can be for roll of dumpsters, porta potties or general trash bins.

Dumpster Management

With our unique built in Dumpster Bulk Editor you can use a spreadsheet like format to quickly build your inventory of dumpsters, assigning them an initial status and yard site location.

Dumpster Bulk Editor

Our Drop Off, Pick Up and Swap job types automatically reserves or puts a dumpster status to “In Use” at a customer site once the job is set to “Completed” in the mobile or desktop applications. Drivers can even swap out a dumpster in the cases where the job details differ from what is at the job site.

Dumpster Bulk Editor

Built in reports allow you to track the days at a site ensuring dumpsters do not become “lost” at a job site over an extended period.

Dumpster Management Features Include:
  • View containers on a map view
  • Completing jobs automaticallys sets dumpster status
  • Mobile applications can change out dumpsters at the site
  • Bulk editing to quickly get setup
  • No limit to the number of dumpsters
  • Dumpster properties
  • Drop off and Pick Up dates
  • Customer history
  • Driver reports
  • Yard and Dump Sites
  • View jobs linked to a dumpster
  • Administratrors can override dumpster settings
  • Days at site reprot