Routes play a key part in waste management businesses that need to do recurring jobs like regular garbage collection or porta potty disposal services. Road Runner GO allows you to create routes that can combine multiple customers, drivers, and job types into one or more routes through our Route Builder.

Route Management Software for Dumpster Management

You can also order the route by shortest distances using mapping services, setting first and last calls. Route optimization using distance saves both time and money on fuel costs.

Route Management Software for Dumpster Management

You can also preview your routes ahead of time on both the map and schedule board before applying them to a day giving you full control of the jobs created.

Finally adding new customers, or removing customers, from an existing route is easy, you can even pause a customer in cases where they are on vacation and do not require a service for a week or month.

Route Features Include:
  • Easily add new customers to routes
  • Create multiple routes
  • Each route can have multiple job types and job leads
  • Preview your routes on the map and schedule board
  • Drag and Drop to move a job in the route order
  • Build routes with the shortest drive time
  • Set first and last calls
  • Pasue route jobs
  • Add notes to route jobs
  • Preview the list of jobs before creating them
  • Give routes names and descriptions
  • Set starting times
  • Set route days