Road Runner GO is your ultimate solution for comprehensive job management for your service industry. Our platform centers around jobs, providing a systematic way to manage any job type. It's designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of your business, allowing customers to efficiently handle multiple jobs and maintain clear invoices with embedded job history.

Each job type on Road Runner GO is tailored to meet specific industry demands. Features like selecting tracking job statuss are built into the system.
Dumpster Management Job Form

Experience streamlined scheduling with our intuitive drag-and-drop calendar features. Our schedule view allows customization of time increments, which can be set to 5, 10, or 30 minutes, catering to your unique business needs. Stay on top of your tasks with our smart notification system. The schedule board actively alerts you of unscheduled tasks or any missed jobs, ensuring you stay productive and never miss a crucial task again.

Schedule View

You can search quickly for past jobs or create new jobs based on a customer’s prior job history right from Road Runner GO.
Job Search

Experience greater work efficiency with our comprehensive map view feature. It displays all active jobs, dump sites, and yard sites, presented in an easy-to-navigate map interface with pan and zoom capabilities. Additionally, it provides historical data by showing the locations of dumpsters from past Drop Off jobs. This ensures you maintain constant visibility and control over your critical assets' locations, bolstering your operational productivity.

Map View

Empower your drivers with our user-friendly mobile applications, available on both Android and iOS platforms. These apps allow drivers to easily access their job schedule, update container status, and monitor job progress in real-time. This instant access facilitates seamless communication and efficient workflow in your roll-off and waste management operations.

Scheduling Features Include:
  • Drag and drop schedule board
  • Map view
  • Job search
  • Sort jobs by type
  • Unscheduled and missed job alert
  • Schedule reports
  • IOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Dispatch comments
  • Job history
  • Schedule view time granularity
  • Dump and Yard site tracking
  • Email Templates
  • Commercial customers