Jobs are at the heart of Road Runner GO. Jobs allow you to set up Drop Off, Pickup, Pickup and Return, Swap and Service job types for your roll off and waste management business. Customers can have multiple jobs and invoices with job history built in.

Each job type has properties built around the waste management industry including selecting dumpsters for Drop Off and Pick Up, tracking status and capturing what the container was used for and where it was dumped.
Dumpster Management Job Form

Our schedule view provides simple drag and drop calendar capabilities with time increments that can be in 5-, 10- or 30-minute increments. Never miss a job again, the schedule board informs you of unscheduled or missed jobs.

Schedule View

You can search quickly for past jobs, create new jobs based on a customer’s prior job history and even email customers using your own built in email templates right from Road Runner GO.
Job Search

Our map view shows you all the current jobs, dump sites and yard sites on a map that you can easily pan and zoom with. Dumpster locations from past Drop Off jobs are also displayed on the map allowing you to always keep track of where your critical assets are.

Map View

Drivers can use our Android or IOS mobile applications to see their job schedule and update the container and job status in real time.

Scheduling Features Include:
  • Drag and drop schedule board
  • Map view
  • Job search
  • Sort jobs by type
  • Unscheduled and missed job alert
  • Schedule reports
  • IOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Dispatch comments
  • Job history
  • Schedule view time granularity
  • Dump and Yard site tracking
  • Email Templates
  • Commercial customers