Cave Creek Software allows you to run the Road Runner database server on your own network. This provides customers with flexibility to have their data on their own network in addition to performance gains and Road Runner usage in the case of internet connectivity issues. The Road Runner On-Premise server still allows mobile phone applications to still use the on-premise servers using our mobile gateway.

The Road Runner Server is completely optional, by default your Road Runner product will run in our hosted cloud environment.

How the Road Runner Server Works

Using a static IP address and a dedicated server machine, the Road Runner server allows a network connection on your local area network (LAN) for clients using Road Runner. Since this is a direct connection on your LAN there can be significant performance gains. The server still uses a license check on a periodic basis to ensure an active account. See support for details.

The server can optionally allow the Road Runner mobile phone application to connect into your Road Runner server by making a few adjustments to your internet gateway.

Key Features

  • Performance gains based on your local area network.
  • Mobile Road Runner applications can still connect.
  • Additional metrics based on your team’s usage not available in Road Runner.
  • Your business data stored on your own server.
  • Continued use of Road Runner clients in the case of a temporary interrupt of internet services.

Server Pricing

The Road Runner Server is available to customers with a Road Runner subscription but does require a small setup service charge. Some additional third-party IP forwarding fees may apply based on your network. You must be an active Road Runner customer to convert over to the Road Runner On-Premise Server. Please contact us for additional details.