Road Runner GO is a comprehensive application suite designed to manage your service business, providing a wide range of functionalities through both desktop and mobile platforms. It's built with a framework that employs JSON and REST-based web API. This architecture allows users to effortlessly integrate any of Road Runner GO's features into their own customized websites, enabling services such as customer-scheduled pick-up and drop-off calls. The application's extensibility significantly surpasses that of a standard online booking system. We offer services to link your existing website to your own Road Runner GO database. Alternatively, you can use our API SDK documentation for your web designer to accomplish the integration.

For example, a dumpster management professional can ask, "Show me all the jobs scheduled this week" or "Get me the invoice details of Client X," and the system, thanks to Chat GPT, will understand the request and provide the necessary details without any need for further navigation or detailed searches.

Web Based Services

Road Runner GO's availability of a Web Interface further enables code generation for metrics and analytics, using tools like Chat GTP, providing you the flexibility to create your own scripts for customized operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get access to Road Runner GO web services?

You need to have an active subscription to access the Road Runner GO Web Services

I do not have a web designer. Can you help?

Yes we do offer customization services. Please contact us for details.

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